Virtual Dissertation Coach

We're here to help you conquer the colossal wall of your dissertation while ensuring its quality and timely completion. Our coaching services cover various aspects of your research and dissertation, making the challenging tasks feel more manageable. Whether you need assistance with dissertation writing, APA formatting, editing, questionnaire development, statistical analysis using different packages, or creating a dissertation prospectus, we've got you covered. Let us ease the burden and guide you through the process with our expertise and support.

Dissertation Arizona is a product of blended efforts of research experts, writers, editors, statisticians and counselors. Not getting the much-required help or guidance at the right time is one of the reasons for a doctoral candidate’s failure. At times, the advisor cannot assist you in trivial issues such as writer’s block or inadequate skills to perform statistical tests. But our dissertation coach in Arizona is here to help you find solutions to all your problems. Whether you need guidance on research topic selection or assistance in correcting your dissertation based on feedback, our expert is equipped to support you. At Dissertation Arizona, we have a team of leading dissertation coaches who bring their expertise and experience to the table. With their guidance, you can overcome challenges and achieve success in your dissertation journey. Get acquainted with our dedicated team of experts listed here:

Coach Specialisation
Dr Michael Robinson PhD in Neuroscience,
Scientific Editor, Professional
Dr Charlotte Owen PhD in Linguistics,
Editor at Social Development Foundation (SDF)
Dr Mia Eleonor Economics DBA,
Professional Data Analyst
Dr Samantha Jones Research Assistant in Pharmaceutical Sciences at University of Michigan,
Dr Joche Brandon Dissertation Coach and Statistician,
PhD in Marketing and Management
Dr E. Terry APA Editor,
PhD in English Literature
Dr Aron Victor PhD in Biomedical Engineering, Professional Research Consultant
Dr Matilde Hughes PhD in Organizational Behavior and Resources,
Dissertation Editor, Writer
Dr Sophia Linton PhD in Marketing, Statistician,
Research Assistant at University of Arizona
Dr Robert Fitzer DBA in Finance,
Research Consultant, Statistician, Editor, Writer
Christina S. James MBA in Marketing,
Professional Writer, APA, MLA Editor

You can contact our coaches through email or live chat and swap your ideas and suggestions during the sessions of dissertation consultation. Our dissertation coaches in Arizona do not only focus on supporting students but also develop them analytically and intellectually to help them construct a framework of phenomenon goals and confront any problem that arises in the research academia. Do you require more information about our dissertation coaches or the services we offer? Please write in to us at