Itemized rating scales in questionnaire

Itemized rating scales are used to help the researcher obtain a measure of attitudes .The researcher first develops a number of dimensions -attitude statements ,product or service attributes ,image dimensions ,etc.Respondents are then asked to position how they feel each one using a defined rating scale. A rating scale is usually an interval rating scale on which respondents are asked to give their answers using a range of evenly spaced points ,which are provided as prompts . Rating scales are widely used by questionnaire writers .They provide a straightforward way of asking attitudinal information that is easy and versatile to analyse,and that provides compatibility across time .However, there are many different types of rating scales ,and there is a scales,and there is skill in choosing which is most appropriate for a given task. Being interval data , ,scores can be allocated to each of responses to assist in the analysis of responses.The allocated scores are most likely to be from 1 to 5 from least to most positive,or from -2 to 2 ,from the most negative to most positive with neutral point as zero . In all of these examples the scales presented to respondents run from the most positive to most negative or vice-versa .It is usual to present the responses in this way for charity and to assist the respondent to find the most appropriate answer.
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