A Structured Way to Edit Your Dissertation

A Structured Way to Edit Your Dissertation

It is not simple to write an effective dissertation or research paper and review to make it flawless. While professional editors have their own styles of editing a dissertation, you may take some hints from the following tips that can help in reviewing your dissertation to make it free of every single error. Check out how to follow a structured approach to editing your paper.

Step 1: Edit as a whole

In a holistic approach, you should first review your entire dissertation as a chunk. Go through it as a whole and find out the general errors you have made while writing your project. You are free to make any significant change at this stage, as it could be disastrous to leave it for later. Even if you feel that you have drifted away from your theme or topic, feel free to alter it in a focused manner. Overcome the fear of rephrasing your content in any way. See whether your work can be comprehended by a person who would read it for the first time. Make it clearly understandable.

Step 2: Edit sections

The next step calls for reviewing every section in your dissertation. Check whether you have mentioned all the details correctly. Additionally, check the relevance of content in each section and make changes if any piece of content belongs to another section. Justify your arguments and points.

Step 3: Edit paragraphs

Now, move to edit every paragraph and also check whether your content in each paragraph is properly connected to other paragraphs. Your ideas should be developed and reflected in an explanatory manner. There should be right references and examples to support your arguments.

Step 4: Edit sentences

Lastly, focus on editing every sentence. Look for all grammatical, spelling and punctuation errors. Along with linguistic errors, also focus on correcting formatting errors. Reading your work aloud may help you identify such errors quickly and rightly.

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